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  • Starter Practice in East San Jose

    New Listing

    Starter Practice w/Bonus of Patients in East San Jose
    Professional Suite. 3 Operatories.
    East San Jose. Off Freeway – 680.
    Fully digitalized office.
    2023 Collections ~ $166K on part time schedule.

    Asking $120K for practice alone!
    (CBCT could be available for additional costs)

    Price ▼ 
    Under $200K
  • Multi-Practice Opportunity with Real Estates in Northern California

    Featured Listing

    Opportunity to buy high production and multi-specialty practices with Real Estates in Northern California.  Offices have mixed insurances including PPO/FFS, HMO/Cap and Denti-Cal.  Many years of goodwill.  Well run practices.

    Please call for more details…

    Price ▼ 
    $5 + Million
  • Dental Practice In Daly City

    Seller retires & wants to sell office of ~ 25+ years of goodwill.  Office is ~ 80% PPO and 20% traditional/UCR.

    Office collects ~ $300K with 1 doctor and 2 staffs.  Low overhead.   

    Office is located in a highly commercialized area with its own parking lot.
    3 equipped operatories, ~ 1,175 sq.ft. Fair Rent.

    Price ▼ 
    $250 - $500k
    3 Operatories
  • Dental Practice in Sacramento

    Reduced Pricing

    Asking $150K $120K!

    Dental Practice located at a busy intersection, between Highway 99 and Freeway – 5.
    Shopping plaza, 2 equipped operatories plus 1 additionally plumbed. ~ 1,200 sq.ft.  Reasonable Rent.

    Office has ~ 30 years of goodwill.  Seller wants to retire.

    Seller does mostly bread and butter dentistry.  Refers out all wisdom teeth extractions, all RCT, and some periodontal procedures.  Office is ~85% DentiCal, ~14-15% FFS/PPO and ~1% others.

    Office is opened 3 days a week (Tues – Thurs) with 2 staffs and 1 doctor.  Low overhead.

    2023 – Pending Collections.  2022 Collections ~ $195-215K, 2021 Collections ~ $185K, 2020 Collections ~ $254K

    Price ▼ 
    Under $250k
  • Dental Practice in Fremont

    Reduced Pricing

    Office Collected ~ $679K in 2023.  ~ $645,000 in 2022.  

    ASKING $265K! (Reduced from $400K)

    Seller is leaving the country and wants to sell office with ~ 20 years of goodwill.
    ~50% DentiCal, ~30% PPO, ~5% HMO, ~15% Others.

    Shopping Plaza located off large intersection in Fremont, just off Freeway 880.  4 equipped operatories, ~1,900 sq.ft.  Rent ~ $8,000/month (including triple net).

    Office is opened 5 days/wk (closed on the weekend) with one doctor and three staffs.

    Price ▼ 
    $250 - $500k
  • Dental Practice in Fresno

    Reduced Pricing

    ASKING $170K $115K !!!

    2023 Collections ~ $341K, 2022 Collections ~ $233K

    ~ 70% HMO, ~ 30% FFS/Cash

    $2,200 Cap check/month.  Capitation check pays rent.

    Office started as a dental shell in early 2022.  Office just renovated.  All new equipment.  Digital x-rays.  EZ 2000 software (new)

    Prominent professional suite at a corner lot.  3 Operatories.  1,100 – 1,200 sq.ft.  Reasonable Rent.

    Please call for more details.

    Price ▼ 
    Under $250k
  • Dental Practice and Real Estate in Stockton for Sale

    Featured Listing


    PRACTICE & REAL ESTATE – ASKING ($950K) $750K! (Get practice & real estate for the price of practice alone)

    2023 Practice Production ~ $913K.  High Profit Margin

    Doctor retires & selling practice of ~15 years of goodwill.  Doctor is willing to stay to help transition practice.

    Doctor does mostly general dentistry including some specialty procedures (endodontics, prosthodontics, orthodontics and oral surgeries).  Implants are referred out.

    ~30% PPO, ~60% Dentical and  ~ 10% Others

    There are ~ 10,000 active patient records.

    Office opens Mon – Friday.  Closed Sat. & Sun.

    Single Standing Building with parking lot, facing main street, off freeway I-5.  

    3 equipped operatories (with potential to add a 4th operatory).  ~1,400 sq.ft.

    Golden opportunity to buy Practice & Real Estate for the price of practice alone!



    Price ▼ 
    $1M +
    3 Operatories


  • Dental Practice in Cypress

    New Listing

    State of the Art Practice with high tech equipment and beautiful decor.  Practice is located in a nice shopping plaza surrounded by anchored stores and retail centers.  Office was newly built and renovated a couple of years ago.

    5 equipped operatories.  ~ 1.850 sq.ft.  Rent ~ $11K/month. 

    Office collects ~ $410K on 3 days/wk.  All PPO/FFS.  Office does mostly general dentistry with hygiene and recalls.  Comfortable working environment.  Quality dentistry provided to all patients.  Hygienist sees ~ 8 patients/day.  Doctor sees ~ 10 – 12 patients/day.  Office closed on the weekend.

    Office has been on an upward trend the last 3 years.  Seller has spent generously to make the office uniquely beautiful, appealing and comfortable for patients.  Seller is now giving buyers the opportunity to obtain the practice at a pre-covid built out price and bonus of patients that she has built up for the past couple of years.

    Seller asking $585K for just renovated practice & patient base. 


    Price ▼ 
    $500k - $1M
  • Dental Practice in Garden Grove

    Reduced Pricing

    Asking $340K (from $380K) with CT Scan or $280K without CT Scan!

    Dental Practice in the heart of Garden Grove – right off Freeway 22, surrounded by large shopping centers and anchor stores/restaurants.  Located in a large shopping plaza at the border of Garden Grove and Westminster, this practice has great visibility and walk-in traffic.  Ample parking.  3 equipped operatories  ~  1,050 sq.ft.  Reasonable Rent.

    2023 Collections ~ $487K.

    ~30% PPO, ~ 20% HMO/Cap., ~ 30% DentiCal, and ~20% Others.

    Doctor retiring – selling practice of many years of goodwill.  Equipment include dental chairs, delivery systems, vacuum compressors, CT scan and other units.


    Price ▼ 
    $250 - $500k
  • Dental Practice in Lakewood for Sale

    High Production Office at an Excellent Location!

    Office grosses between $850-890K the past three years.  Well run office with stable patient base. Good hygiene and recall system.  All PPO and FFS.  No Denti-Cal.  No HMO/Capitation.  Office does mostly general dentistry with in house specialist and hygienists.

    Office is located in a large shopping plaza in Lakewood with many years of goodwill.

    Part time practice.  5-7 operatories.

    Digitalized office with high tech equipment such as CEREC and CBCT.

    Don’t miss the opportunity to obtain this well run, high production, FFS/PPO only practice located in a large shopping plaza!

    Price ▼ 
    $500k - $1M
  • Starter Practice and Real Estate in Long Beach

    Starter Practice in Long Beach with potential to buy Real Estate for the right buyer

    Here is a unique opportunity to buy just the Starter Dental Practice or Starter Dental Practice with Real Estate (which includes a dental office, a beauty salon and 2 apartment units) in Long Beach.  The price for the Starter Dental Practice is $235K including equipment, leasehold, and bonus of patients.  The price for the Real Estate will be determined upon market price subject to negotiations.

    Please inquire for either or both if you are interested!

    Dental Practice:
    Starter Dental Practice has 3 operatories. ~ 1,000 sq.ft.  Located in commercial/residential area close to Alamitos Beach. Beautiful and modern looking practice with new equipment.  Asking $235K for starter practice with bonus of patients.

    Real Estate:
    1.  Dental Office
    2.  Commercial Unit – rent ~$1,800/month
    3.  Apartment Unit 1 – rent ~ $1,400/month
    4. Apartment Unit 2 – rent ~ $1,800/month

    Asking $235K for Starter Practice with bonus of patients alone. 
    Asking $2.335 Million for Starter Practice with bonus of patients and Real Estate.

    Price ▼ 
    Under $250k
  • Starter Practice & Real Estate in Los Angeles

    New Listing

    Practice is located between Boyle Heights & East LA.
    Corner Lot.  Single standing building with parking lot.
    Building is ~ 1,347 sq.ft. 4 operatories, 2 X-ray machines.
    Office also includes: CBCT room, consultation room, reception room, doctor’s office and etc…

    Practice is a starter office.
    Office Grossed ~ $288K in 2023.
    Practice is all PPO/FFS.
    Part time practice.

    Please call for more details…

    Price ▼ 
    $1M +
  • Space Sharing in Long Beach

    Spacing Sharing in Long Beach.

    Beautiful Long Beach 5 operatory dental office space to share.  Owner works Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Can use space together or alone Thursday – Sunday.  $300/day.

    Office is located in a prominent professional suite between Los Alamitos and Long Beach Airport.  Close by large retail centers.

    Please call for more details.

  • Dental Practice in Montebello

    High Production Practice in Montebello. 

    2023 Production ~ $1.365 Million, 2022 Production ~ $1.148 Million, 2021 Production ~ $914K. 

    Seller started practice about 5 years ago with an upward trend in production year by year.  Seller now wants to slow down.  Selling practice that is all PPO/FFS.  No Denti-Cal.  No HMO.  No Capitation.

    Office is run with full back office and front office staff, and 2 part time doctors.  Office refers out complex orthodontics, some pediatrics and complex rct.

    Shopping plaza at a highly commercialized area in Montebello.  4 equipped operatories.  ~ 1,450 sq.ft.  Reasonable Rent.

    Price ▼ 
    $500k - $1M
  • Dental Practice in Newport Beach for Sale

    Reduced Pricing

    ASKING $300K $225K (~ 50% of Collections)!

    Office located at prime location in Newport Beach – right off PCH and across from one of the largest shopping centers in Newport Beach.

    2023 Collections ~ Pending.  2022 Collections ~ $528K, 2021 Collections ~ $495K, 2020 Collections ~ $489K.  
    Office opens 2.5 days/wk with 2 staff and 1 doctor.

    This office doesn’t look like your typical dental practice with its marble floors, granite countertops and cutting edge equipment.  It is classy and beautiful.  Patients feel like they are stepping into a luxury hotel for a spa treatment when they come here.

    Prominent professional suite opens into pedestrian walkway.  4 operatories, ~2,500 sq.ft.  Rent is ~ $12,000/month.

    Office has ~ 8-9 years of goodwill.  Seller is selling for health reasons.
    Office has a stable collection number throughout the last couple of years.

    Price ▼ 
    $250 - $500k
  • Starter Practice and Real Estate in Orange for Sale.

    Starter Practice & Real Estate in Orange for Sale

    Excellent Location!  Single standing building in Orange, right off Highway 55, with excellent visibility.  Surrounded by other retail centers, anchor restaurants and businesses.  Front street location. Ample of Parking.

    Newly built from ground-up: new framing, new flooring, cabinets, plumbing system, equipment and etc…

    Building has 2 units.  Total building space is ~ 4,500 sq.ft.
    1st UnitDental Office is ~ 2,500 sq.ft., 5 GP operatories total (3 equipped operatories plus 2 additionally plumbed).  3 ortho chairs and side units.  Additionally – the patient consult room is also plumbed.  So there is potential to add another operatory.
    2nd Unit – Tenant Space of ~2,000 sq.ft.  Rent for the tenant space is ~ $5,000 – $6,000/month + triple net.

    Asking ($3.02  Million) $2.885 Million for the Real Estate Building and Dental Practice Leasehold & Equipment.
    Please inquire for more details…  

    Price ▼ 
    $2.5 + Million
  • Dental Practice in Oxnard for Sale.

    Reduced Pricing

    ASKING ($225K)  $205K!

    Dental Practice in Oxnard, Ventura County, for sale. 

    Doctor would like to cut down on his schedule & selling office located in a prominent strip mall, close to large retail centers and anchor grocery stores.

    Office is well kept and beautiful.  3 equipped operatories.  ~ 1,100 sq.ft.  Fair Rent Value
    Office comes with CBCT, digital x-ray, among other high tech equipment…

    2023 Production  ~ $316K on a part time schedule.
    Production ~ $30% Cash, ~ 30% PPO and 40% DentiCal

    Seller currently refers out wisdom teeth extractions, molar RCT, Ortho, Implants, Perio and TMJ treatments.  There is definitely room to grow the office by opening longer hours and keeping procedures in house.

    Office is currently priced close to a start up practice.  Yet there is enough income to pay staff, rent and doctor’s salary.  Ideal for a doctor trying take care of overhead while building up the practice!

    Price ▼ 
    Under $250k
  • Equipment & Leasehold in Pasadena

    New Listing

    Equipment & Leasehold In Pasadena

    Dental Practice is located in Pasadena, close to freeway – 210.
    Located in a strip mall, across the street from a large shopping plaza.
    3 operatories.  ~ 1,500 sq.ft. Lots of foot traffic and ample parking.
    Rent ~ $3,900/month.

    Equipment in good condition.
    3 Dental Chairs, 1 compressor, 2 vacuums & 1 x-ray.

    Starting price at $65K for Equipment & Leasehold!  (Looking for quick close and best offer.)  

    Price ▼ 
    Under $250k
  • Dental Practice in Port Hueneme

    Reduced Pricing

    Asking ($500K)  $400K!

    High Production General and Specialty Practice located in Port Heuneme.  Office has ~ 20 years of goodwill.  Currently an associate run practice.  But one could generate more net profit by having it transition into a owner run practice.

    2023 Production at ~$550K.  2022 Production ~ $570K.  2021 Production ~ $585K

    Office is ~ 60% PPO/FFS and ~40% DentiCal.

    Office currently refers out complex wisdom teeth, endo retreat, complex ortho, all peri surgeries and implants.

    Office is located in a strip mall, at a corner lot.  3 equipped operatories.  ~ 1,260 sq.ft.  Low Rent.

    Ideal for a doctor looking to generate more profit by transitioning this associate run office into an owner run practice.  

    Price ▼ 
    $500k - $1M
  • Dental Practice in Santa Ana for Sale.

    Seller retires.  Selling practice located in Santa Ana, close to Southcoast Plaza and other large shopping centers.  All CASH and PPO.  Office has ~ 25+ years of goodwill.  Long term patient base.

    Prominent professional suite.  3 equipped operatories plus 1 plumbed operatory.  ~1,300 sq.ft.  Fair market rent.

    Part time practice.  Doctor does mostly general dentistry.

    Collections ~ $170-180K/annually.  

    Price ▼ 
    Under $250k
  • Dental Practice in San Diego for Sale.

    Selling office of more than 30 years of goodwill.
    2023 Collections ~ $419K on 4 days/wk.
    ~40% PPO/FFS and ~ 60% DentiCal

    Office is on the East side of Balboa Park, close to freeway entrance.
    Single standing building facing main street.
    Office has 2 equipped operatories with 1 additionally plumbed.  ~1,600 sq.ft.
    Equipment includes onsite CBCT.

    Price ▼ 
    $250 - $500k
  • Dental Practice and Real Estate in Visalia

    New Listing

    Opportunity to buy your dental practice and real estate in Visalia, Tulare County (between Fresno & Bakersfield).

    Office is located in a single standing building facing main street with parking lot.  5 operatories, ~2,000 sq.ft.  Digitalized office. ~ 30+ years of goodwill.

    Currently office refers out most major procedures such as complicated surgeries, moderate to advanced periodontitis, implant placements and endodontics.

    Office is a part time practice.  Doctor sees ~ 7-8 patients a day.  Patient base is ~ 70% DentiCal, 25% FFS/PPO, and 5% Others.  2023 Productions ~ $250K.  2022 Production ~ $230K.

    There is potential to build up practice and production by opening more days and keeping procedures in house!

    Asking for $450K for practice and real estate!

    Price ▼ 
    $250 - $500k

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