Buyer’s FAQ

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  • When can I do an office inspection?

    Most buyers will do an office inspection and equipment check during the due diligence phase, after he or she has signed the purchase agreement with the seller.

  • What type of financial documents do I need to finance a practice?

    This depends on whether you want to do a practice start-up, practice acquisition, practice expansion or leasehold improvements. Most banks and lenders want to see three year’s tax returns, credit report, personal financial statements and debt schedules. But each case is individualized and unique. So please contact one of our loan specialists for a free consultation.

  • What are the first steps in preparing to buy a dental practice?

    Do your research to find out what location you would like to practice in, what insurance you will accept, the client/patient base you would like to work with and etc…

  • How many years of tax return do I need?

    Most banks and lenders want to look at tax returns for the last three years.

  • What if I don’t have great credit, substantial assets and etc… can I still finance a dental office?

    With more than twenty years of experience in financing, LCF will most likely be able to help you get the loan you need. Talk to one of our loan specialists today to see how to best structure your loan to obtain the funding you need.

  • When can I see the office’s financial?

    At LCF, we make it our goal to protect seller’s and buyer’s interests throughout the transaction. Therefore, we will only disclose the office’s financials once we have gotten an approval from the seller and determined that we are working with a serious buyer.

  • What are the steps involved in buying a practice?

    There are many steps involved in buying a practice. But here the major ones are as follows:
    – Tell LCF the practice that you are interested in.
    – We schedule an appointment for you to visit the office.
    – We help you make an offer upon your terms and conditions.
    – We negotiate with the seller to help reach an agreement on the
    purchasing terms.
    – You do the “due diligence” of reviewing the financials, equipment etc. Buyers retain attorneys pr consultants to do paper work at extra cost. Some buyers do the “do diligence themselves. (It’s a personal choice.)
    – We negotiate with the landlord to transfer the lease from the seller to the buyer.
    – We set up escrow for you.
    – You close escrow when all is complete.

  • What is the cost for me to use “LCF Practice Sales”?

    Unless otherwise noted, our service is usually free to buyers.

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