Sep 18

Dental Practice in North Milpitas for Sale

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High production and well managed office with over 25 + years of good will.  This office is located north of Milpitas, in a large retail center with front street location. ~1,100 sq.ft.  3 equipped operatories, spacious office, ample parking.  Fair Rent. Grosses ~ $500K annually.  Stable Production.  All PPO & FFS. Office does all general […]

Apr 13

Dental Practice in Sacramento

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Asking $150K $120K! Dental Practice located at a busy intersection, between Highway 99 and Freeway – 5. Shopping plaza, 2 equipped operatories plus 1 additionally plumbed. ~ 1,200 sq.ft.  Reasonable Rent. Office has ~ 30 years of goodwill.  Seller wants to retire. Seller does mostly bread and butter dentistry.  Refers out all wisdom teeth extractions, […]

Jan 15

Dental Practice in Fremont

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Office Collected ~$645,000 in 2022 Seller is leaving the country and wants to sell office with ~ 20 years of goodwill. ~50% DentiCal, ~30% PPO, ~5% HMO, ~15% Others. Shopping Plaza located off large intersection in Fremont, just off Freeway 880.  4 equipped operatories, ~1,900 sq.ft.  Rent ~ $8,000/month (including triple net). Office is opened […]

Dec 30

Dental Practice in Fresno

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Office collects ~ $25K – $30K/month.  ~ $300-$360K/annually. ~ 70% HMO, ~ 30% FFS/Cash $2,200 Cap check/month.  Capitation check pays rent. Office started as a dental shell in early 2022.  Office just renovated.  All new equipments.  Digital x-rays.  EZ 2000 software (new) Prominent professional suite at a corner lot.  3 Operatories.  1,100 – 1,200 sq.ft.  […]

Dec 24

Dental Practice and Real Estate in Sunnyvale for Sale

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Dental Practice & Real Estate in Sunnyvale for Sale. Office has many years of goodwill and consistently grosses ~ $900-950K/year.  Accepts all insurances including PPO/Cash and HMO. Office does mostly general dentistry  with outside referrals -RCT, wisdom teeth extractions, implant placements, Ortho and complex pedo. Office located in prominent professional suite right off Highway Junction. 4 […]

Jul 29

Dental Practice in Milpitas for Sale

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Seller retires.  Selling dental practice located in a shopping plaza, at the corner of a busy intersection off freeway – 680. Office has ~ 20 years of goodwill.  Mostly PPO/Cash.  Office is run with 1 doctor, 2 assistants and 1 office manager.  Everyone works part time only. 2022 Projection ~ $275K on 4 days/wk. 2021 […]

Jul 06

Dental Practice in Livermore for Sale

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Selling for family and health reasons.  Family practice in Livermore with over 20+years of goodwill.  Most patients have been at the practice for many years and will most likely stay with the new owner. Practice grossed $369K in 2021 and has been consistently grosses $310K-$395K for the last 3-4 years.  Office only accepts FFS/PPO (~ 85%/~ […]

Jun 30

Dental Practice In Daly City

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Seller retires & wants to sell office of ~ 25+ years of goodwill.  Office is ~ 80% PPO and 20% traditional/UCR. Office collects ~ $300K with 1 doctor and 2 staffs.  Low overhead.    Office is located in a highly commercialized area with its own parking lot. 3 equipped operatories, ~ 1,175 sq.ft. Fair Rent.

Apr 22

2 Practices in East San Jose for Sale

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2 Dental Practices in East San Jose for Sale: Both practices are located in East San Jose . The majority of patients are fluent in Spanish.  Therefore Spanish speaking staff and doctors will be at an advantage at both practices.  Practices are ~50% DentiCal and ~50% Cash/PPO. Office #1 – General and Ortho.  Collections ~ […]

Feb 16

Dental Practice in San Jose for Sale

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Dental practice in East San Jose.  Grosses ~ $310K  ~90% PPO, ~10% Others. Doctor does mostly general dentistry.  Refers out endo, oral surgery, implants and etc… Office opens 3 days/wk (Tues – Thurs, with 1 Saturday/month).  1 doctor with 2 staffs. Mixed patients profile.  Doctor sees an average of 6-7 patients/day. Single standing building with […]

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