Jul 11

What type of financial documents do I need to finance a practice?

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This depends on whether you want to do a practice start-up, practice acquisition, practice expansion or leasehold improvements. Most banks and lenders want to see three year’s tax returns, credit report, personal financial statements and debt schedules. But each case is individualized and unique. So please contact one of our loan specialists for a free […]

Jul 09

Should I always choose the highest offer for my practice?

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Although the offering price is an important factor in the selling the practice, it should not be the most important one. We know that most sellers instinctively want the highest sale price. And buyers, due to the excitement of owning a practice, may give their highest offer. But as escrow progresses and due diligence is […]

Apr 06

Dr. McPherson

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I contacted Loc Pham and LCF Financial, he had a prospective buyer in mind already, who visited my office within 2 days, and the sale was completed within 1 month with no hassle.

Mar 20

Dr. S. Najimudeen

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They truly care about the transaction whether it is big or small.

Mar 17

Dr. Pham

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He is very professional, quick and reliable.

Mar 12

Dr. H. Dang

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The LCF staff was always so diligent, helpful, prompt and professional.

Feb 21

What is the value of my practice?

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Unfortunately, no one can quantify the value of a practice on the dollar amount. The price for the practice is based on what buyers and sellers agree upon as a market price, after taking into consideration time of the transaction, revenue, expenses, potential earnings and etc…

Feb 21

How long does it take to sell my practice?

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Most reasonably priced practice at a good location can sell within a couple of months. Some practices take longer to sell depending upon the asking price, parties involved and personality of buyer/seller.

Feb 21

How do I prepare my practice for sale?

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Clean up the office and clutters. We recommend that you physically clean up the office, get rid of the old/broken equipments, dust the floors/windows, anything that would make the office more attractive for buyers when they come to view your office. Secondly, we recommend that you clean up and reorganize the documents at your office. […]

Feb 21

Should I let employees and staffs know that my practice is for sale?

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We advice that you try to keep the sale of your practice reasonably confidential until the transaction is done. Some practices take longer than several months to sell. Informing employees early on that the practice is for sale may create a false expectation of when the practice will actually sell. Employees may then decide to […]

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